Air Conditioning Maintenance Priorities Before Maintenance Call

Below we have given few air conditioning maintenance tips that are very useful if you read and practice before starting the hvac maintenance call for work.
As you all know that heating and cooling system of your home usually runs smoothly when it is new. After few years you can face plenty of complaints and malfunctions if you are not maintaining the AC properly.
Bad air condition maintenance badly impacts indoor atmosphere which starts to suffocate in summer and chilly cold during winter. This impacts your living and hampers your quality time spending inside the building.
Residents may suffer suffer cough, cold and other diseases throughout the year. Moreover, you may have to pay more utilities and medical bills if maintenance didn’t take place at proper interval.
Regular maintenance does not cost you more but only vigilance of the things happening around.
If you neglect your hvac equipments and its components you will face decline in cooling and heating efficiency. Additionally you will bear the cost in terms of high power consumption.
Remember efficient performance of hvac is the result of proper operation inspection and maintenance. It is very important to keep your home heating and cooling unit at peak performance in order to get benefit from its maximum output and minimum service or air conditioner repairs cost.

HVAC Maintenance Basic Steps

No matter what kind of hvac equipment or you have, there are basic steps you need to consider to keep your system in top condition.
So always keep in mind that whenever the heating and cooling system malfunctions, it could be a problem from the three major parts:
– the heat/cold source
– the distribution system
– or the thermostat

Depending on the problem, it is essential to start with the simplest maintenance or troubleshooting steps such as:

Power Supply Problem

Check for power. Make sure that the unit has power available.Air Conditioning Maintenance Priorities

If your HVAC system has a reset button, activate it.

But before pressing the button, let the motor cool first.

Check the power switch.

Make sure that it is turned on.

Thermostat Setting

Make sure that the thermostat is set properly.

It is advisable to raise or lower (for AC) the setting at 5 degrees.

For gas fueled units, make sure that the gas supply and the power light is turned on.

Tips for Air Conditioner Maintenance & hvac tune up at Home

Air conditioning units are a little less maintenance intensive. At the beginning and end of each cooling season, you should:

Clean or replace the air filters

Vacuum out the unit

Lubricate the motor If the unit isn’t cooling properly

have the refrigerant pressure checked

Additionally heat pump only needs yearly service that may generally include

  • Check the belts, and replace them if needed.
  • Check and replace the filters.
  • Oil any moving parts.
  • Inspect the wiring.

A gas-fired, forced-air heating system has simple requirements, too. Furnace filter should be changed every month or two during heating season, and the circulating fan oiled once a year. After every other year you will need:

  • Inspect Heat exchanger
  • Check Flue Ducts
  • Adjust the burner

The above tips will help you keep the heating and cooling system at peak performance. Be sure to follow the steps and you will enjoy a trouble-free unit.

Oil fired boiler requires annual maintenance which mainly includes:

  • Clean the flue ducts
  • Change the fuel filter
  • Clean and adjust the fuel jets

If you feel that air conditioning maintenance is difficult you may consult a local professional HVAC maintenance company.

They will in most cases give you a free estimate and inspections for diagnosing visual problems such as leaks or frayed wiring.

If there are leaks there is cool or warm air escaping or being wasted in spaces that are not being used.

Why we need air conditioning maintenance expert

A good air conditioning maintenance company shall make sure that your system is working at the optimum performance and can advise you on how to cut down on those high energy bills you may be accruing.

If you have an HVAC unit that is six years or older, it is recommended to have it evaluated by an HVAC contractors in your area. They may be able to upgrade you to a more cost-efficient system which will pay for itself in the long run, along with giving you tax credits and rebates. Do not put up with those high energy costs any longer and always prefer routine air conditioning maintenance.

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