Window Air Conditioner – Window ac Unit Repair Method Statement

The purpose of this air conditioner repair and maintenance procedure is to establish a standard PM procedure for the preventive maintenance of Window Type Air-conditioning Units. This will also serve as guideline for newly hired employee in the maintenance or facility management company which will be dealing and doing the maintenance of window type AC air-conditioning units.

The scope of this standard procedure covers all Window air conditioning units which are under the A/C maintenance contract agreement including the window ac maintenance checklist.

It is the responsibility of the A/C Technician to conduct the correct preventive maintenance of Window AC Air conditioning units to prevent system from breakdown, thus providing the specified room temperature and cooling comfort.

AC maintenance technician shall be competent enough to conduct the ac repair and maintenance activity to avoid any damage and to provide the proper result. The project or site supervisor and the in charge engineer shall assure the successful implementation of this ac preventive maintenance procedure.

Monthly Preventive Maintenance of Window AC Unit

Condenser Coil Cleaning

Check the condition of the Condenser Coil. If it is still clean, extend the frequency of cleaning to next month. If not, perform the following procedure:

Prior to the work, wear safety shoes, gloves and goggles.

Prepare screw driver, jet pump, chemical cleaning agent (if applicable) multi-meter and adjustable wrench.

Switch OFF the window ac unit.

Remove the plug of the ac unit.

Remove the window type a/c from its cabinet/cover and place it outside in open area.

Caution: Always ask for assistance when lifting heavy objects.

Wrap the fan motor with plastic to avoid water from getting inside the motor.

Remove the screws that hold the condenser fan shroud.

Carefully swing the condenser out.

Spray approved chemical cleaner into the condenser coil and allow it to absorb the chemical.

Caution: Do not swing the condenser far enough to avoid kinking or breaking the refrigerant lines.

Set-up the pressure washer by tapping it to a water supply and connecting it to the correct power source.

Spray condenser with water.

Tilt air-conditioner sideways so that water will run-out.

Remove plastic from fan motor.

Dry all electrical components with a dry cloth.

Carefully move condenser to its original position.

Re-place the screws that hold the condenser to the shroud.

Return the air-conditioning unit to its cabinet.

Perform housekeeping.

Cleaning of Air Filters

Prior to the work, wear safety shoes, gloves and goggles.

Prepare screw driver.

Switch off the window ac unit.

Remove or lift the cover of the indoor a/c unit.

Remove the air filter.

Clean using jet pump or running water.

Let the filter dry.

Install the air filter.

Put back the indoor a/c cover.

Start the unit.

Window AC Annual Preventive Maintenance

Prior to the work, wear safety shoes, gloves and goggles.

Prepare clamp ammeter, jet pump, chemical cleaning agent and screw driver.

Compressor Checking

Check for any undue noise and vibration.

Check anti-vibration mounting. Replace if found defective.

Check the compressor current using clamp ammeter.

Condenser and Evaporator Fans Maintenance

Pull-out the window type a/c unit to its cabinet and move it outside.

Cover the fan motor with plastic to prevent water from entering the motor winding.

Clean the evaporator and condenser coil with approved chemical.

Check condition of condenser fan blades. Replace if found damage.

Check evaporator fan blower. Replace if found any defects.

Check the fan motor condition. Rotate the shaft freely and hear for any bearing or bushing defects. Repair if found any.

Check for any undue noise and vibration. Rectify if found any.

Control Checking

Check thermostat for proper operation. Check temperature setting.

Check selector switch.

Measure the supply air temperature of the unit.

General Condition Checking

Check and tighten all terminal connection.

Clean or replace the air filter.

Attachments (Table 1) – Sample Preventive Maintenance Checklist for Window Type A/C

Below is a sample window ac maintenance checklist which is very useful for routine maintenance activity.

Sample Preventive Maintenance Checklist for Window Type AC Unit


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