Copper Pipe Cutting Procedure using Tube Cutter and Hacksaw


This method will help to establish a standard procedure for the proper copper pipe cutting and using the right tools for the maintenance job. The procedure will also serve as guideline for newly hired employee which will be dealing with Air conditioning unit maintenance activities.


The scope of this standard maintenance procedure covers the work related to all equipment’s which require cutting of copper pipes used for refrigeration and air conditioning piping system.


It is the responsibility of the air conditioning or HVAC maintenance technician to properly use the right tool in cutting soft-drawn and hard-drawn copper pipes. He should be competent enough to use this equipment to avoid any damage and to provide the proper result. The Supervisor and the site hvac engineer should assure the implementation of this ac maintenance procedure.


AC: Air-conditioning Units

PPE: Personal Protective Equipment’s

Brief Description of Pipe Cutter for Copper Tube

 A pipe cutter is best use to make a straight cut for copper pipes. It comes in single blade and an adjustable lever to provide the proper force while cutting.

Standard Copper Tube / Pipe Cutting Procedure

By using a tube cutter

  • Prior to the work, wear safety shoes, gloves and goggles.
  • Prepare copper tube, tube cutter, reamer, sand cloth, brush and hacksaw.
  • Make measurements to the desired length of the pipe.
  • Mark the pipe where cutting is to be done.
  • Insert the copper pipe inside the cutting tool.
  • Hold the pipe properly to produce a good result.
  • Adjust the lever until the blade touches the pipe.
  • Using a counter clockwise direction, move the pipe cutter by one whole turn until you feel that the blade is starting to cut the pipe. After that, reverse it by clockwise rotation.
  • While on clockwise turning, adjust the lever from time to time until the pipe is completely cut.

Standard Copper Pipe Cutting Procedure By using a tube cutter

By using a reamer, remove the burrs from the inside of the tube. The burrs must be removed because they restrict the flow of the gas.

By using a reamer remove the burrs from the inside of the tube

Clean the tube by sand cloth and by brush.

Clean the copper tube by sand cloth and by brush


Copper Tube / Pipe Cutting using a Hacksaw 

  • Prior to the work, make sure the availability and usage of all PPE’s, every worker to use basic PPE’s like safety shoes, gloves and goggles.
  • Make measurements as per the requirements for length of the pipe.
  • Mark the pipe at the place of cutting.
  • Make the cut at a 90O angle to the tubing.
  • Use a suitable fixture to ensure an accurate cut.
  • After cutting, ream the tubing and file the end.
  • Remove all the chips and fillings, making sure that no debris or metal particles get into the tubing.


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