HVAC Maintenance & AC Repair Tips

AC maintenance is a very broad field that needs some basic knowledge of the machines and instruments. It is obvious that every heating and cooling system needs maintenance and care. On the other hand preventive maintenance will help you so that your HVAC systems works perfectly.

In any type of building Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system is the most expensive one.

Due to this reality most building and homeowners will make sure that regular HVAC maintenance is performed so as to allow the system work efficiently.

When you invest in taking good care of an ac unit you can expect optimal efficiency and hassle free operation for many years. Additionally you can reduce your energy bills by running the ac system without any breakdown and faults.

There are many ways or approaches that you can follow i.e. book a schedule with HVAC preventive maintenance companies annually for maintaining heating and cooling machines.

On the other hand you can have your own maintenance engineer depending upon the size of your ac system.

We have given few tips for AC maintenance that you can follow as basic requirements.

Preventive Maintenance of HVAC equipment

Perform routine inspection and AC tune up activities which are recommended by manufacturers in the operation and maintenance manuals of the ac equipment. This mostly includes cleaning of filters and fans etc. and lubrication of the system moving parts.

Ensure the provision and operation of surge protection because the power surge may damage the HVAC system. The damage can be costly therefore you must ensure complete protection against the power surge that can be from lightning etc.Preventive HV AC Maintenance & AC Repair Tips

If you are going out or closing the office for few days you can turn up the thermostat to maintain the temperature at a certain level like 85 degrees Fahrenheit when you are out for a vacation etc.

In addition always keep checking the outdoor air conditioning unit.

It is also noticed that having a clean indoor atmosphere helps good health of HVAC equipments and systems, because it reduces the load on filters.

AC Preventive Maintenance Tips

Care of AC Compressor

Always keep an eye on the compressor; this refers to the outdoor unit. It is your responsibility to ensure that it remains free from all forms of dirt, leaves or debris that could be lying on top of it.

Remember that the compressor is the most expensive part of your AC and since it is located outside there are high chances it will become dirty; check and clean once every month.

The compressor needs to remain covered during winter. There are many affordable air conditioner covers that you will find in your local home improvement store.

This keeps the compressor protected against rain and snow that fall during winter.

There are a number of HVAC installation companies that actually provide covers during installation but since they are affordable, you can make the small investment and keep your AC going for longer.

Check the Hoses

The first step towards HVAC maintenance is to ensure that you have kept an eye on the unit’s hoses.

You can do this twice a year and especially before summer during the spring and the fall. Typically check for any kind of leakage that you can spot on the hoses with naked eye.

Once you spot any small leaks, you can easily seal them using some affordable leak repair kits that are available in most home improvement stores; fixing the leaks in time ensures that you don’t have to call for expensive HVAC repairs a little later.

There are many other points and tips that we have covered in our other posts you can visit our HV AC Maintenance category for more details.


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